You can put out the fire of Cancer

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Cancer occurs when a cell is damaged by acid and then the damaged cell mutates. That is cancer. Remember, the bottom line is that nothing else can damage a cell; it can only be acids.
The allopathic medical community tell us that cancer “spreads.” A cell cannot damage another cell to cause cancer. It does not “spread.”
To get cancer (to begin with) your body must be at a high level of acidity…genetic factors aside, but even then, acids still have to be involved. (Genetics passed down are weaknesses.) If you are acidic, the area of your body that is the most compromised is likely to be the first place you develop cancer. BUT remember, the rest of your body is already acidic or “hot.”
Many conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis are essentially acidosis. It’s acidity that causes inflammation. Sure, you can lose yourself in the complexities that obviously exist in this discussion, but the bottom line is acidity; there is nothing else that exists that can cause this. When you have something like fibromyalgia, your body will be so acidic or toxic that you will notice that you may have a bad reaction to citrus fruits because your body cannot tolerate any more acidity. In addition, you may react to medications that you used to be okay with. Essentially, your glass is full and you cannot take any more.
Cancer treatment is often chemotherapy which has a pH of about 3: highly acidic. It may kill cancer cells, but it kills everything else, too. They may as well throw you on a fire, burn you to death, and say that they killed the cancer.
So, you have a highly acidic body to begin with – then add chemo – it’s a cocktail of disaster and frankly death. This is why people say that their cancer has “come back.” Either they didn’t change their acidic lifestyle, or the chemo caused the cancer.
Don’t take my word for it…even the allopathic community admits chemo is cancer-causing. The cancer did not come back; the conditions that promote its creation either remained or were made worse. So, of course it has to “come back.”
A useful analogy is a house fire. You may have seen those safety videos where they leave a cigarette burning on a sofa. The sofa is soon engulfed in flames and the room fire rises up and covers the ceiling.
The room obviously gets extremely hot. Things around the room NOT touched by any fire suddenly burst into flames on their own. The first to go are usually small coffee tables or paper. These are the “weakest.” This process is called the “auto-ignition point.” This is where an item spontaneously ignites. You see, the entire room got hot. The table did not “catch fire” FROM the sofa. It caught a light because the room was already so hot.
It is the same as an acidic body and why cancer appears in one place, then another and so on. So there is no “spreading” involved. It’s in a state where the weakest go first and the strongest go last.
Regarding why cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes: given the role of the lymph nodes in the body, this is where you WOULD expect cancer cells to be! But, that’s a different discussion.
Again, the stress is that the cancer does not spread.
~ Marco Cesii
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