We switched our diet to be Fruitarians!

How did I get here?  When you ask the Universe answers is all I can say.  My husband has been in constant pain for years following back surgery that left him disabled. Even though my passion has always been Alternative Holistic ways to stay healthy, stress ran me over and my Hypothyroid issue spiraled into finding out I was fighting a bad case of Epstein Barr virus, Hashimoto’s (which was actually probably caused by EBV) and totally shot adrenals with constant pain from these and an auto accident.

I started following the AIP Diet (Anti-inflammatory Protocol), then suddenly became deludged with information about the “Fruit Fasting” way to live, and as the Universe always has your back there was a Champion Juicer my mother-in-law had left in the house. So in February 2021, my husband and I started juicing oranges.

No meat, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar.  It wasn’t too hard at first and the results came in fast.  My husband’s back pain started letting up.  My “bloat” magically disappeared along with 13 pounds in just the first 6 weeks.  I started sleeping all night!

I did find out after that point that we could have transitioned slower but jumping in worked out OK for us.  Of course there has been a couple cheats, my kids came to visit for a week and we both had a couple smoked ribs and a small piece of birthday cake.  But we got right back on our wagon with no regrets.

As time has gone on, I am finding my energy levels are getting noticeably better, but when I cheat now, I really feel the effects, usually in the form of a headache the next day.  But that is okay with me, it is just telling me which foods are a real trigger for my body and keeps me from cheating.  I imagine after a while longer when my body has healed much more, different foods won’t bother me as bad but I am happy knowing that I will probably always be a fruitarian for the most part.

This is the first time in over a year or more that I felt any clearness in my head allowing me to write a blog post even though I have wanted to before now. So that is one more point towards healing my body that I can tick on the list.

After the first month, I really noticed that society (meaning fast food joints, restaurants, social events, etc) have nothing much other than a salad here and there to offer in the way of healthy food.  That is sad when you think about it.  In this age of the “Great Awakening” we are daily finding that everything we every thought we knew, everything we were taught, everything the media and the government tells us has been nothing but lies.  So I am not so awfully surprised that the correct food not only for our physical health but also our mental health has been kept a big secret from us.  People have actually not only completely overcome cancer and other diseases, but have healed spinal cord injuries, and autism by eating the fruitarian way.

I put up a page on this website with the information you can download and read to find out more about living your best, healthiest, happiest lives.  Check it here.

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