Transitioning to Gut Fixing Foods and Lifestyle

Branden Kraynak
888 days later and tears are coming down my face.
There’s no turning back.
I was at first extremely skeptical—also during the process.
It felt like it wasn’t working.
Then I found out you can’t fix anything overnight.
So, I trusted the process…even through all the pain.
Sound crazy? Sound deficient?
Does eating all that fruit lack the protein to help my body heal and repair?
I thought so until I wiped my conditioned thoughts clean and said the hell with it and just tried.
At this point, what I had to lose was my life.
Years later, here we are.

I feel like I have stepped out of darkness and into the light.

I am here to help those who suffer through the same things I went through with Crohn’s Disease.
Have your doubts? They’re well warranted.
I have nothing to prove to anyone.
I am here to share my light and my experiences.
Your body is also a miracle.
I am not an isolated case.
BELIEVE you can heal and you can.
Diet is only one step of a many step process.
What was I feeling before?
✔️Severe anemia
✔️Short of breath
✔️Dizziness, brain fog
✔️Thin, brittle nails
✔️Hair falling out
✔️Doubled over pain
✔️Fistula to bladder
✔️UTI bc of E. coli for 5 months
✔️Anorectal abscesses
✔️Non stop diarrhea
✔️Tear inducing constipation
✔️Candidiasis/SIBO symptoms
✔️Sharp unpredictable heart pains/angina
✔️Heart palpitations/flutters
✔️Fatigue/constant heaviness
I took over 30 horse pills a day, too.

But, now ALL of those symptoms are gone.

Meds are gone, too.
And all I have to say is, Thank you.
Thank you to my body for keeping me alive.
Thank you for intelligently responding to what I put inside of you.
Thank you for allowing me to remember who I am as a human, as an animal…a sophisticated anthropoid primate who lives off the highest electrically potent living food on the planet.
Sounded weird at the time, but all I can say now is Thank you, Earth for providing me with the tools I needed to heal: Fruits, herbs, fasting and deep emotional energy cleansing.

Detoxification. Regeneration.

Whatever you want to call it.
Just feeling beyond good again!
It’s never too late.
Love to all of you.

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