The Importance of Kidney Filtration

“Kidney filtration of lymphatic sediment is something that Dr. Robert Morse discovered in 47 yrs. detoxing clients. Early pioneer, Arnold Ehret, also mentioned mucus in the urine.
For example: Dr. Morse noticed that the urine is often clear before detox and the client’s tumors are still present and lymph nodes enlarged, but when the kidneys come back online and sediment appears, the client’s tumors shrink and lymph node swelling goes down, the iris starts to change more quickly, and generally a healing crisis surfaces soon thereafter, where the body releases a lot of mucus/toxins.
He’s observed this over and over again, which is why his primary focus is the kidneys, the adrenals and the lymph.
Most practitioners who don’t have the detoxification experience have been trained to consider clear urine to be a good thing. Dr. Morse’s clinical experience proves otherwise.” LaShanda Greene
Deep tissue detoxification is the visible removal of toxic, acidic, cellular waste from your body’s gigantic sewer system, your lymphatic system.
The body’s main elimination channels for lymphatic waste are 1.) The KIDNEYS, 2.) the BOWELS, 3.) the SKIN and, 4.) the LUNGS.
Your lymphatic system is nearly three times larger than the blood. It is where 99% of all dis eases originate and most of man’s suffering lies. This is why you can have tumors all over your body, be full of pain and inflammation and still show perfect blood work.
This MOST IMPORTANT system has been ignored since Big Pharma took over the current medical monopoly.
Whether it was just overlooked early in the 20th century with the advent of chemical drugs and the invention of new industrial machinery for the treatment of symptoms or has been (intentionally) brushed aside in lieu of the obscene profits and control they maintain today, is anyone’s guess.
Because of detoxification and kidney filtration we now know that when you clean out your body’s lymphatic system and visibly remove this toxic, acidic cellular waste, your pain, inflammation, dis eases and conditions cease to exist. This is because all “disease” is systemic. Detoxification dispels the myth of disease.

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