The Angstrom Energy of Food

Going a Step Beyond Nutrition, Calories, Vitamins and Minerals……

“When you eat foods picked fresh from nature, and eat them without cooking or processing them, the high electromagnetic energy of that food is transferred to your body and its cells.”

– The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, Robert Morse N.D.

What we consider to be the nutrients in food are not our actual nourishment. Our true sustenance is the life force of the food itself, and the foods with the most intense life-enhancing energy are those that come from plants and trees.

It’s about Energy!…. This is the age of super space fuels, atomic power, hydrogen, alternative energies and more, yet people are suffering from an energy crisis…. they are constantly fatigued, have tension and anxiety, disease and depression. Despite the fascination with fad diets and “energy foods,” modern man has lost the formula for fundamental physical vitality. People seem to vary between complete disregard for what they eat and a fanatical obsession with proteins, vitamins, minerals and calories. We have forgotten the age-old wisdom which recognizes that the energy from physical metabolism must be supplemented by the more subtle, dynamic electromagnetic energy of foods.

The human being, like all the living beings, is composed not only of the material part (the body formed from cells) but also from a magnetic force, that in energetic terms, is defined as the power of affinity that exists in all elements and atoms to hold them firmly in place as the human body or any other form.

Energy is the number one factor needed for life to exist. The food and health connection is huge! The more energetic the foods are that you eat, the more vibrant and healthy you become. If you wish to experience pure energy, you must consume pure energy…..

It’s that simple!

Angstroms and Energy…..

Every living thing and any food item has its own energy. This energy propagates as a wave and can be measured as electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy is rated in units called “angstroms”. The higher the quantity of angstroms a food gives off, the higher the energy of the food. When you eat fresh, organic, uncooked and unprocessed foods, the high electromagnetic energy of that food is transferred to your body and its cells.

One of the laws of physics in this universe is the law of balance, homeostasis. The low energy of some foods will lower your systemic energy creating hypo-active tissue. The more energetic the foods are that you eat, the more vibrant and healthy you become. As we increase the energy of our physical body, we are also lifted up emotionally and consciously. The vitality you can achieve is indescribable and can only be experienced.

The human body emits a measurable radiation (expressed in the form of color and sound) at around 6200-7000 Angstroms. So a person in good health should have a vibration of at least 6500 angstroms. Interestingly, when we measure cancer patients or those with serious degenerative diseases, the average is only about 4875 angstroms.


The Angstrom energy of Foods can be divided into four general classes:

Category 1: Foods that have wave lengths between 6,500 and 10,000 angstroms, (regarded as those of the highest quality).
  • Mature fruits and fruit juices obtained from squeezing (made fresh and immediately consumed). (8000 – 10,000)
  • Raw fresh vegetables (8000 – 9000)
  • Olive, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, peanuts and hazelnuts
  • Raw sea fish and shellfish
  • Whole grain cereals, flour and bread
  • Some foods are superior only if consumed at the time of production like raw milk (8500), butter and eggs.
Category 2: 3,000 angstroms to 6.500 (medium quality) 
  • Cooked vegetables (4000 – 6500)
  • Not fresh milk, butter, and eggs
  • Honey
  • Cooked fish
  • Peanut oil
  • Wine
Category 3: very weak radiations below 3,000 angstroms
  • Coffee, tea
  • Chocolate
  • Jams
  • Cheeses (1800)
  • White bread (1500)
Category 4: exhibits practically no energy (dead matter)
  • Margarine
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Conserves
  • Alcoholic spirits
  • Cooked meats, sausages
  • Refined white sugar and bleached flour

It has been demonstrated how life force pulsates from natural foods, but does not from inorganic minerals and synthetic vitamins, which are relatively dead. For instance, testing vitamin C from natural sources such as rose hips, the pattern of vitality was far stronger than for an isolated, artificial vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The body’s requirements can only be truly met by organic vitamins and minerals, found in balanced proportions in whole natural food.

   “A natural organism or entity contains factors which cannot be recognized or demonstrated if one takes the original organism apart and determines its component parts by way of analysis. One can, for instance, take a seed, analyze it for protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, moisture and vitamins, but this will not tell its genetic background, potential or biological value”
            from “ The Secret Life of Plants,” by Tomkins and Bird.


Fruits have the highest electrical energy of ALL foods.


“The lower the energy of the food you eat, the lower your systemic energy becomes. This creates hypoactive or underactive tissues. The more energetic the foods are that you eat, the more vibrant and healthy you become. As we increase the energy of the physical body, we lift ourselves up out of despair and disease. This opens the senses to a whole new world of understanding and health. The vitality you can achieve is indescribable; it can only be experienced.

    The body is a tremendous machine; fully aware of itself, with self-healing and cleaning mechanisms already built in. The body can get so healthy that you don’t even realize that you are using it. No aches, no pains, no weaknesses, only pure energy. If you wish to experience this pure energy you must consume pure energy. It’s that simple. Have vitality, have dynamic energy, have fun, go raw!”
      – from “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook,” by Robert Morse, N.D.

Interesting notes:
Bananas are probably the only fruit that increases in nutrition and sugars, and consequently in electromagnetic energy AFTER they have been picked unripe.

Vegetables are most radiant when fresh from the garden, losing about one third of their potency by the time they reach the store, and two thirds when cooked.

The exception is tubers, which are usually fortified by cooking. The Potato, for instance, is measured at only 2,000 when raw, but when boiled this shoots to 7,000 and to 9,000 when baked.

Fresh meats have only second class vibrations at best, and this sinks to very low in the third category by the time it is cooked. The exception is freshly cured ham which is enhanced by the process of salting and smoking.

Sea foods must be eaten raw to gain their full value, otherwise they drop into the second category.

The effects of Food Processing are disastrous. Milk has a value of 6.5 thousand angstroms when fresh, but loses ninety percent within twenty-four hours. After Pasteurization there are NO bioenergy radiations at all.

The fresh juice of sugar beet is rated at 8.5 thousand, but when refined, drops down to 1,000 or less. White, granulated sugar gives a reading of ZERO.

Dehydration, on the other hand, causes very little loss of vigor. Sun-dried fruit was found to retain its vitality and, if soaked in water for twenty-four hours, would radiate almost as strongly as when freshly picked!

Water is not normally radiant, but unlike other liquids is capable of being vitalized by association with minerals, human beings or plants. Some waters, such as the famous healing waters of Lourdes, are found to radiate as high as 14,000 angstroms.