Summer was way too short this year!

Just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: You matter. You are important. You are loved. Your presence on this earth makes a difference whether you see it or not.


Oh my gosh, summer is flying by.  We listed our home and Market Gardens this July and will be moving into a travel trailer and going boon-docking once the house sells.


It was a strange gardening year; June was cold and cloudy so nothing wanted to grow.  July finally straightened out a little and everything started growing but normally we would be on our 3rd succession and just planted the 2nd one at the end of July.

I have talked to farmers all over northern Colorado and they all are seeing the same results, but it has been a FANTASTIC year for weeds!


I am really looking forward to our adventures and will keep you posted once we get going, in the meantime if you know someone that wants to take over a Market Garden and live in a beautiful secluded mountain setting, pass on this link:

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