Rapid Decline in Health Reversing with Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Hello everyone! My name is Raphael Lumsden. For the past 24 years my diet consisted of purely meats, bread, candy and other processed foods such as , etc. I have only eaten a handful of fruits in my life. I mean that literally. I had about a total of 10 fruits throughout my whole life, and I’m 33 of age now.

My diet was absolutely for the birds. But I felt ok and I went to the gym on a daily basis and had a great fit body. So I thought I’m doing just fine. Then at the age of 25 I began to notice things going horribly wrong with my body. Such as bad rashes to the point it kept me up at night. My finger nails all turned brittle and lifeless. Started going bald fast… so I thought well I’m lacking some vitamins. I went and got vitamin supplements. No change. I then ignored this and carried on my life like this for another few years. I then got the horrible information my dad has cancer. I was shocked. My dad started to research natural healing rather than go to chemotherapy. Since this cancer scare I stayed in close contact with my dad and he started educating me a little on health. I started to think about my own health and confronted the fact that I too was not well. So I began juicing veggies. One cup a day. I thought now I’m definitely healthy. Nothing changed. I got worse and worse. Now I had all my nails including feet, looking like they just been mutated! My hair thinning worse. My rash spread to many parts of my body. My head pounding with pain, my eyes big black circles. Looked so bad no joke from a distance I could fool you, I’m wearing sunny glasses.

Anyways, I was lost in what was healthy and what way to go because nothing seems to work.

My dad still had cancer and this had been 5 years later. So I didn’t want to listen to his advice as he wasn’t cured.

So a few months ago I rang up my dad. Asked how he was. We spoke and he said he was not doing very well at all. Then he mentioned this Doctor. DR MORSE. He informed me that apparently this Doctor can remedy people just through correct diet and herbs as detoxing. I replied with a very questionable reply, “Oh yeah… what’s the correct diet then?”

My dad replies “fruits and leafy greens”.

I thought oh I was always told fruit is bad if you take lots in one go.

I then ended the phone call. When I got home that day. I started researching this Dr Morse. And stayed up most of the night and found his teachings very interesting. So I began my fruit diet the next day. I changed my whole fridge to simply fruit within three days. I started feeling as if I’m doing something right for myself and health for the first time… then it started to get hard… my cravings kicked in, my sugar cravings took over big time. I felt like I was needing my next drug hit or id just simply die. It was and is the toughest thing I did mentality, physically and spiritually.

I pushed through with lots and lots of struggle.

At week three I thought that’s it I need the herbs to help me out. I found a healer. He got me started on my protocol and within a week of sticking to my diet and herbs. . I noticed my rashes have all gone. My nails are all growing out with new fresh nails. Not brittle and ugly. My headaches all gone. I was now definitely convinced I was on the right track. I started seeing my urine filter with all kinds of strange “foreign” matter.

I started feeling a sense of floating. Whereby my body was much lighter and easier to handle.

Then a healing crisis hit me hard. My left testicle started swelling up my left leg was in pain and felt as if I had some very terrible illness. I feared the worst. My healer told me to keep going it’s simply lymph moment. I did….it got worse by the day until after 5 days or so it suddenly went. Never came back.

I then started to notice my bowel movements increase and noticed how much the herbs are helping me and I could and still can see fatty mucus which was being removed from my body.

I have been eating fruit for only one and a half month and on herbs for only a little time. I have in such little time experienced more and healed more than in my whole lifetime put together. I know I’m on the right path as I can see it on a daily basis.

I have yet a long way to go but I wanted to share this to those that might just be starting and are a little wary at the beginning. I can tell you it will be tough and people will question your diet etc. But it’s your own journey. I’m happier, healthier and slowly getting better every day. I went to doctors and bought 1000s of dollars worth of creams and pills for my headaches, nails and rashes. Nothing changed. I saw it heal in front of my own eyes within weeks and it’s simply gone! Simply through good correct diet and detoxing

I hope by sharing this I have helped some of you believe in your journey and to keep your eyes on the purpose.

~ Raphael L. November, 2013

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