What is Farmasi?
Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer and direct selling company in Beauty, Personal Care, Households and Wellness. It is one of the fastest growing direct selling company with 1 million sales representatives.
Is Farmasi makeup all natural?
IF you’re looking for cosmetics made from plant and fruit extract and are certified halal, consider Farmasi Colour Cosmetics (FCC).This cosmetics brand from Turkey, which comprises a wide range of products from skincare and bodycare items to make-up, perfumes and cleansing facial wipes, debuted in Malaysia in 2008.Apart from quality products at affordable prices, FCC prides itself in producing items that are manufactured according to syariah rules.
Are Farmasi products gluten free?
Some of the Farmasi products are also gluten free.
With over 80 years of skin care and cosmetics background, Farmasi started their own direct sales branch of their international brand in 2010. Most recently, Farmasi has expanded into the United States in 2019. With their own line of lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, eyeshadows, body creams packed with Paprika and Balsam, and hair products with Keratin for shiny hair, and so much more they are rapidly increasing their identity across the states. They don’t have minimums to meet to stay active so it’s up to the entrepreneur to see how far they want to take it.
To date, only about 400 of the more than 2,000 products they manufacture are here in the states. Within time all the products will be here including all natural phosphate free cleaning products, fragrances, nutritional supplements, and more.


1. European Standards – This means sooo much if you are a person that cares about what you put in and ON your body. There are only 11 chemicals that the US will not allow to be used in skincare and cosmetics, but there are over 1300 chemicals that Europe does not allow! There are also no paraben, No phosphates, no sulfates, NO animal testing, GMO’s…AND they do all this in an Environmentally Friendly Complex.🌿

2. High Quality – Not too much more to say here. We all prefer a good quality product over cheap things that really end up costing us more in the long run and we DESERVE only the BEST. They have 67 years of experience in cosmetics & health industry! There is an impressive track record.

3. Affordable – This company does it all; development, production, packaging, advertising…no various middlemen adding to the price.

4. Everything I need to put my best face forward every day. 💄

5. Helping others. 🤲 I get to help people feel good about themselves. Makeup can highlight our natural beauty and make it shine. Some choose to join my tribe👩🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍🚀💃🏻 and have the opportunity to earn an income💰 that is only restricted to how much they want to do.


Want to sign up to be a Beauty Influencer?

You have the choice to sign up for $19.99 (+shipping).  This is a one time fee.  There are no monthly or yearly costs.  This now gives you a 50% discount on all products.  You tell friends and family how much you love them (the products). They want to order them, too. Your commissions cover the cost of your own already discounted products. Then they tell their friends and they order. You’ve got a profitable business! OR, you just never share your secret and continue to get your own products at a great discount. Win-win!

When you enroll to be a Beauty Influencer, you will receive a starter kit with Dr. C. Tuna’s skincare guide, welcome letter, catalogs and more.  You will also at this time only have the option to purchase one of 3 different add-ons.  These add-ons give you a variety of different products that will have a retail value of over 50% of what the add-on costs.  I HIGHly advise you to get the $200 add-on kit as it has over $500 worth of products for you to try. (You will not be able to order this at another time except when you are originally signing up.)

Compensation Plan

First thing, no minimum orders. As long as you spend $1 every six months you will stay active. The commission plan starts with a 50% discount on all products.  If you decide to build a team of Beauty Influencers under you, you will receive group bonuses also depending on the volume of sales that you and your team make in a given month.  The first level of bonuses starts at 3%, then moves up from there to 25%.

In addition to group and personal bonuses there are also promotional and leadership bonuses.

Check out the online catalog here.

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Kim T wrote 1 month ago

Best products by far! I’m a long time acne sufferer that’s used all the make up to hide it and all the regimens, including prescription meds, to treat it. Farmasi works. The makeup is so pure. European standards are the way to go! Farmasi bans nearly 1400 chemicals that the US DOESN’T! Do any other direct sales companies do that? Do the sales reps earn 50% commission TO START? Do other sales reps get product discounted UPFRONT? Farmasi Beauty Influencers do! 11 ways to earn money, ground level opportunity, zero market saturation, 70 years in existence, and only costs $19.99 to join! BOOM! TY!


Jessica Samano wrote 1 month ago

I have CRAZY sensitive skin. Like eczema that freaks out just from looking at me wrong sensitive… but I have found my new Holy Grail! Farmasi is gentle on my skin but makes me look fierce! What more could someone want! By far the most amazing products EVER!


Glenda J Snodgrass Passmore wrote 1 month ago

I’m picky about what I put on my face and one day I saw a lady doing a live, she convinced me to try the products just by what she was saying about Farmasi and how good the makeup was for your skin. The makeup and the skincare is absolutely awesome and everything smells so good. I loved everything so much that I became a Beauty Influencer and now I sell it and use it every day and night, it’s a great Company to work for and the money and bonus are good. Check us out, you won’t be sorry that you did!!


Marionette Daniel wrote 1 month ago

So blessed that Farmasi came into my life! Wonderful owners who produce the highest quality products that everyone can afford! Not only are the products European quality that I am proud to represent, but Farmasi has one of the best compensation plans by far. I have been with many direct sales companies and this one exceeds all my expectations and then some.


If you are ready and don’t want to wait a minute more, you can sign up here. Use Sponsor # 0068150