Proteins- another lie

Isn’t it interesting that there’s always a protein responsible for such degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, etc.? Yet we are told that we NEED proteins in our diet. But, is that actually true?
First, let’s talk about what a protein is. It’s a polypeptide, which is comprised of multiple peptides. And a peptide is nothing more than a bunch of amino acids strung together into a singular structure.
Please understand that despite what your doctor or personal trainer tells you, your body cannot utilize peptides or polypeptides, which includes all proteins both animal and plant because these compounds are too complex. The body has to work extremely hard to break them down into useable aminos.
But, wait a minute…every fruit, vegetable, and blade of grass already contains these amino acids in highly digestible and bio available form. So, when you are being told that animal and other proteins are superior and vital, you’re being sold an uneducated lie.
If someone told you that it’s better for you to work 2 weeks for $100 instead of earning it in one day, you’d call that person a fraud.
Yet, we’ve accepted that putting our bodies through a grueling process to extract “nutrients” from putrefying dead flesh and stagnant blood is somehow better for our health.
Proteins found in grains and legumes (also known as lectins), aren’t much better. Gluten is a wheat protein that is extremely sticky and hardens when dry. If you don’t believe me, just mix some flour with water and leave it out. These sticky grain proteins adhere to the intestinal wall preventing the absorption of nutrients. Everyone who has Celiac disease suffers from malabsorption, which in plain terms is starvation.
The medical community now knows that proteins accumulate in the brain as a plaque, which destroys the myelin sheaths of the brain cells.
These sheaths are responsible for communication between neurons. So, tell me…why is the protein myth being pushed on the population?
At least now they’re talking about fasting to detox those harmful proteins out of the body. I do a minimum 24 hour dry fast once a week and it’s made a tremendous difference in my health, and I highly recommend it. But you cannot just fast. You have to stop putting in your body the foods that are breaking it down!
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