Plans got delayed. Now what?

We’ve all got goals, dreams and wishes. Are you doing anything to bring them about in your life?

Our plans to be “Snow Birds” got put on hold for a little while because I was rear-ended and my truck was totaled last month. But that won’t stop our trip from happening completely, just a slight delay.

Something good can usually be found in every cloud though and I feel staying put for a bit may turn out to be a really good thing.
I have always worn a few different hats at any given time in my life. Recently I decided to put the makeup/skincare entrepreneur hat back on after finding a company that I really love – Farmasi.

I love Farmasi for quite a few reasons:
1. European Standards – This means sooo much if you are a person that cares about what you put in and ON your body. There are only 11 chemicals that the US will not allow to be used in skincare and cosmetics, but there are over 1362 chemicals that Europe does not allow! There are also no paraben, sulfates, NO animal testing, GMO’s…AND they do all this in an Environmentally Friendly Complex.🌿

2. High Quality – Not too much more to say here. We all prefer a good quality product over cheap things that really end up costing us more in the long run and we DESERVE only the BEST. They have 67 years of experience in cosmetics & health industry! There is an impressive track record.

3. Affordable – This company does it all; development, production, packaging, advertising…no various middlemen adding to the price.

4. Everything I need to put my best face forward every day. 💄

5. Helping others. 🤲 I get to help people feel good about themselves. Makeup can highlight our natural beauty and make it shine. Some choose to join my tribe👩🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍🚀💃🏻 and have the opportunity to earn an income💰 that is only restricted to how much they want to do.

So back to my point about a silver lining. Sticking around here for a bit gives me time to build a good foundation for my Farmasi business that will also make being a Snow-Bird much more fun and stress free.

Does this opportunity or the products sound interesting to you? Contact me for a couple of samples and a catalog or just visit my site.

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