Modern technology to help activate your own Stem Cells

I have been using these patches and really like them.  You can order a one month supply of X39 for $99 here.

” Wow, this patch is really strong and a new level of energy flowing through the body, I am impressed. ” – Jan Wiegel

“During training and the recovering is GREAT!”

‘Testing X39 since Wednesday 27, when exercising Thursday morning (with the 2nd patch) I did easily 2X more pump-ups (what surprised me, because I am really not good at that!) and today I had a Tennis training and my knees did almost not hurt during training and the recovering is GREAT, no pain, flexibility is good, no hot knees … whouaou.
You know my “eternal” problems with my knees – I live with it, but I have much discomfort after efforts like tennis, ski, hiking.’
-Christine Gay-Girrbach

“The X39 proved again to be a game changer”

‘I put the my first X39 patch on my aching knee (really need a replacement but do not want to go down that path yet) and the pain was literally gone within 30 minutes. From a pain level of a 6, down to a 1. Just amazing results in 30 minutes .

Day 2 and 3, same excellent results with the X39. Now it’s off to play golf this weekend walking 18 holes with relatively no pain…

Yesterday I used a single X39 on my knee and played golf pain free and with energy without worrying about whether or not I would be able to finish the round walking and not limping. The X39 proved again to be a game changer . BTW I played one of my best rounds as well.’ -Joe, LifeWave CFO

” I’m Above Average Excited! ”
‘Thank you so much for the X-39 patches, I’m above average exited about this, and what it may be able to do!…
I have worn the patch for three days, and noticed an increased amount of energy and some pain reduction .’ -Heidi Horn Wiedemann

“My first 24 hours with the X39”

‘I have a scoliosis and a prolapsed disc from which I have a lot of pain when I sleep in beds that are either too soft or too hard. Traveling a lot means that I am staying at different hotels and sleeping in new beds a lot. For so many years switching beds have been a problem for me, because I would wake up with pain in my back.

My first night with X39 I was able to sleep in a bed (when I’m sleeping in this specific bed I would normally wake up with a lot of pain) and I had no pain at all during the night! I woke up at 6am -15 hours after putting on the X39 and then the pain started. 1 minute after putting on a new X39 patch the pain was gone again and I could go back to sleep for another 3 hours!
Beside sleeping better than normal I had the most vivid dreams ever.
My sleep with the x39 is just fantastic !

I did not know what to expect from the X39 patch and how soon I would be able to feel anything, but it was so quick and I’m blown away!’ – Christina Fabrin

“X39 is a powerful stuff”
‘I always – during the tests like this – push myself to the limits, as you know I workout few days a week. I do pushups (75reps), I do pull up (60reps), squats (50 reps) and I play badminton once a week.

When I start using X39 my catabolic state shortened by 50%, I regenerate like I was 20 years old! And additionally I have more energy during the day after badminton. I’ve always had little energy after training. Now the sleep is deeper also! X39 is a powerful stuff :)’ – Krzysztof Markowski

“I am very excited about this, both product- and business-wise”

Thanks for the X39 patches, my first day was indeed remarkable.I felt the same warm, fuzzy and very pleasant Aeon effect with X39, and my power-nap siesta in the hammock was immediate and short, but revitalizing. I wore it all night also, and had pretty much the same amazing sleep I experience with SN, but dreams were vivid, fun and easy to remember when waking up.

Working to much in the garden the past week, my shoulder and back was hurting and my legs sore, but I definitely felt better this morning.I am very excited about this, both product- and business-wise.

Today I switched position from neck to under belly button, but I had the same good experience maybe even more relaxed.
– Miguel Molina

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