How does cutting the cable lead to boondocking?

A few years ago we cut the cord to cable and went with Roku. The most interesting part of this is that Youtube has become the most watched channel at our house.  This led my husband to following couples that sail around the world and make videos.  Not something we had ever considered and though we still don’t want to spend our lives sailing, it is very interesting to watch.

Now, my husband has run across another topic that we never considered before, but is making us do some serious thinking: Boondocking and Van Life. Boondocking, aka Dry Camping is basically camping without resources, off-grid.  Many of the people following this lifestyle will travel north during the summer months, then work themselves South during the winter.  Staying on BLM land is huge.  You are usually allowed to stay 14 days before you must move at least 25 miles to a new spot.

One dictionary defines boondocks as slang for rough backwoods or bush country. The term boondocking, also known to RV enthusiast as dispersed camping, dry camping or coyote camping, is used to describe camping in the midst of nature without the use of commercial campgrounds and hookups.

It seems that there are quite a few people taking this journey and for various reasons. As you would expect, some were forced into looking into this way of life for financial reasons, but many more have chosen it for a multitude of reasons.  Some wanted to simplify their lives and downsize, some wanted the freedom of traveling.  Many are taking old school buses and turning them into their home on wheels, or using regular RV’s and campers. A surprising number of the Van LIfe people are turning a regular cargo van into their sanctuary.

A lot of these people are working, they have just found ways to do it on the go.  I know of one couple that had the big house and all that goes with it, she is a Trust Lawyer.  Life just got to stressful, so they sold the house, bought a camper and now work at different campgrounds in exchange for a place to park. This has led them to staying in some of the best destinations to see the country.

There really are many options to make some income while living this nomadic lifestyle.  There are a multitude of websites and Youtube videos to help you figure it out. I started a Pinterest board with lots of ideas and suggestions and below is a Youtube video about it all.


There are also some books to help you out on the road:



Click Here to visit a website loaded with information for Boondocking.

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