“If your blood is formed from eating the foods I teach
{fruits and green-leaf vegetables} your soul will shout for joy and triumph over all misery of life. For the first time you will feel a vibration of vitality through your body (like a slight electric current) that shakes you delightfully.”
~ Professor Arnold Ehret  Mucus-less Diet Healing System

You found this page by a nudge from the Universe.  I hope you will give this information serious consideration and wish you the best.  I send prayers for the to you and know that the miracles that can change the course of your health are as easy as changing what you eat.

Please download and read the following books and articles.  You can email me for questions and support, as I am there for you.



Understanding Proteins


Mucus-less Diet by Arnold Ehret

Fruitarianism – The Path to Paradise by Anne Osborne

Grape Juice Fasting

The Detox Miracle Source book by Dr. Robert Morse

Here is the introduction page for Dr. Morse’s info and videos: click here.

Juice Feaster’s Protocol

NeuroLymphatic Massage Points

Raw Food Recipes

Top 10 Best Mucus-free Foods List

Mucus-free Recipes