Breast Cancer Reversed

This beautiful lady, Linda Christina Beauregard sharing her story of how she reversed her own breast cancer naturally with 35 doctors at the Ana G. Mendez University in South Florida.
The two most frequently asked questions were: “Where do you get your protein?” and “Where are the double blind placebo based studies to support alternatives?”
Her replies:
1.) Meat first has to be broken down into amino acids for the body to utilize, a two-fold process putting extra stress on the digestive system. Amino acids from plants build better, more usable protein than meat. And we are like the primates, monkeys and gorillas, who develop muscle mass just from eating FRUIT!
2.) I’m just one. However, there are thousands of people who have used alternative processes to recover from cancer and other diseases. Do we really need any more proof than that?
If you want more information, her book is:
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