Baby, Im Amazed


As a holistic health practitioner for many years, I am blown away by these little capsules!  I have used and recommended most of the ingredients in our pills that I am now recommending to everyone.  When I first saw the ingredient lists, I was impressed that “Yes, these are all great and I have most of them myself.” But I didn’t think there could be enough of any ingredient in a capsule to do much good. Boy was I wrong!  I think the company must have discovered the perfect amount of each ingredient to blend together making a undeniable synergy because they work so much better that I would have thought possible!


If you are having ANY problems with your health…inflammation, not sleeping well, hormone imbalances, anxiety… cellulite, overweight… sugar cravings, ADD, ADHD, …brain fog, depression…..try these.  You have so MUCH to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.  They even come with a money back guarantee.

Contact me and I can set you up with a 3 day Experience, more information, whatever you need.


Reishi Mushroom – This ingredient is commonly used to ensure that the body has a strong immunity thus protecting it from disease causing organisms. It also ensures that the body has enough supply of oxygen and all hormones are balanced.

Rhodiola Rosea – This is a Russian herb which is mostly used to combat fatigue and to ensure that the user has high energy levels and also increases the rate of metabolism which makes the brain healthy and active.

Guarana – This ingredient is obtained from a plant which is commonly found in the Amazon rain forest and it is mainly used to improve memory and to ensure that the user is active and alert at all times.

Bacopa Monnieri – This product reduces the stress levels of the user thus having a positive impact on the mood. It also improves the memory and at the same time keeps the user happy.

L-Theanine – This ingredient is responsible for keeping the user relaxed and also get rid of fatigue. It keeps the user alert and gets rid of drowsiness.

Chaga – This ingredient is a type of mushroom which is normally used medicinally to treat many ailments. It is beneficial to this product because it has protective benefits and it also helps get rid of stress and may inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.

Cordyceps – This is also a type of mushroom which is known for its ant-oxidant properties. It helps get rid of stress, anxiety and fatigue. It also gives the user strength and stamina.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – This ingredient is obtained from coffee beans. It also helps boost the immune system of the user and also help reduce excess weight. It also may help reduce blood pressure of the individual.

Yerba Mate – This ingredient is important for its increase in libido, improve the mood of the user and also help reduce stress levels.

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