My name is Danette Steele.

I am a native from Colorado that just moved to Arkansas with my husband of 40+ years last year, although I did spend almost a year here in 2009.  I have been a Holistic Healthcare provider for over 20 years.  My specialties include Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Quantum Biofeedback, and Regenerative Detoxification.  I truly love helping others feel better and reconnecting with the healthy person they were meant to be.  I have had my own health issues that I have had to overcome and to be honest, each one has only helped to to better understand how our bodies really work and what we really need to be happy and healthy.

Heya, This is the photo I won an award for last year at the Mena Art Gallery.

I am also a worshiper of the Arts and dabble at photography, painting and sometimes knitting.  I am a member of the Mena Art Gallery and hope to display some of my work soon. (I did win an award last spring at the Gallery!)

My table at a past Farmers Market

I have also spent years growing organic fruits and vegetables and used to sell at Farmers Markets in Colorado.  I have to admit that growing in Arkansas is a whole different ball of wax that I am having to learn the ropes of.  Growing Roses is another of my passions.