A living foods diet will shine light on all those shadows of your whole being

A raw vegan diet will strip you down from all the numbing and stimulating substances in your diet, that were masking your weaknesses all this time.
A living foods diet will shine light on all those shadows of your whole being. Your physical body’s weaknesses, your mind’s weaknesses, and also the weak points in your life/habits.
Once you eliminate all the stimulating processed unnatural foods from your diet, and also the sedating and numbing effects from it, you will get so clear on what is going on in and out.
This can be so overwhelming for so many people, because now you can’t hide your feelings anymore under these substances and foods and you need to face your all shadows, what’s wrong with your own habits and thoughts, the habits of society and other people close to you…
Most people are extremely exhausted on the daily basis, but they don’t notice it because they are constantly running on coffee, processed sugar, stimulating meat and sedating dairy and grains. It creates a fake sense of having energy and being well.
Once you get rid of all that, you have no other choice than to acknowledge what you’re doing wrong, and you need to use a lot of strength and conscious effort to change your life around to what you want it to be, but I know well how much weight it can be for one person to bear.
One more reason to transition slowly, not just into the diet but the whole lifestyle that comes inevitably with it, if you want to make it work.
That’s why sometimes the missing piece in one’s health journey is some guidance and support from someone who walked that path you want to take.
(Source: Dr Lefe)
Notice that the BASE of this high-raw pyramid is FRUIT —- make that your BIGGEST part of your intake
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