The truth about Fruit

It’s not that eating fruit heals the body; the body heals itself. It is that the obstructions to healing are removed and the body is free from enervating habits which drain its energy and create inappropriate chemistry inside the body.
When we eat only our natural appropriate foods we are stopping the damage that occurs when we eat inappropriate foods. We stop the energy drain which keeps the body from being able to fully make repairs. In addition, we are providing the most pure and stable building blocks to rebuild from.
Fruit provides hydration and the natural sugars we require to run all the body’s processes, to allow for sufficient energy for the body to repair itself. It also provides amino acids in the appropriate form for our specific physiology.
When we eat a protein such as an animal protein, those amino acids have been cooked, which denatures the protein and those proteins are weakened. Then, the body has to overwork itself to break down those proteins into amino acids, because our bodies do not use protein, they use amino acids to create our own unique protein. Same with Fat. We use Fatty Acids, but Fat must be broken down into Fatty Acids to be usable, draining the body’s energy.
So, when we return to the natural diet we are allowing the body to function as it is designed. We are not creating abnormal chemistry with abnormal inputs. We are creating normal chemistry which leads to normal functioning of the cells. This allows the body to work normally, replacing damaged areas as needed.
We are not overworking the body by forcing it to break down unusable materials into usable, simpler forms. Fruit provides the amino acids already broken down by the enzymes in the fruit itself.
When the body is given the proper fuel it can run efficiently, not create excess waste, not burden the cells by leaving them sitting in an acidic, intercellular medium. Therefore, they can function properly. But, if we begin to stray from the natural foods we overwork the cells, creating excess metabolic waste which is acidic.
That metabolic waste goes out of the cells and into the intercellular fluids. When the body is creating more waste than it can remove the waste gets backed up, leaving the waste sitting in the fluids and the cells sitting in that waste.
Acids burn. So, acidic intercellular fluid burns the cells causing the build up of scar tissues to protect the cells from the acids.
Not all scar tissue can be replaced/removed. Sometimes the areas of scaring are too thick for the body to break them down. But, in most cases the body will repair/replace when it has sufficient vitality to do so.
Healing is about subtraction, not addition. The less work we force the body to do in digestion, the more work the body can do in healing and repair.
~ Lauren Whiteman
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